Safety & Training

Two things we take extremely seriously.

In everything we do, nothing is more important than the safety and security of our team and our customers. In a world oft-obsessed by price, nothing is left to chance.

M2 Transfer chauffeurs are carefully selected and supremely trained. Our Chauffeur Academy teaches quality processes, service delivery, chauffeur etiquette and how to manage various emergency situations. Within the first year each chauffeur will undertake the Institute of Advanced Motorist certification. 

Vehicles are tracked in real-time GPS with daily data reporting driver behaviour, rest times, and other safety-essential parameters. Chauffeurs complete a series of daily safety checks on their vehicle and a fleet administrator ensures on-schedule servicing using main dealer expertise and OEM parts.

Passengers are insured to £20m and our track record of zero passenger-on-board accidents since 1984 speaks volumes about how we feel about your safety.

Trust us, you’re in really safe hands!

Your Safety, Our Priority