Nothing means more to us than driver and passenger safety. It’s at the heart of everything we do, it always has been. Except now, more than ever, you need to know that you’re extra safe whilst in our charge.


Before each journey we'll ask you to confirm

That you're not showing any of the known Coronavirus symptoms, that you haven't had a positive Coronavirus test within the last 14 days and that you haven't been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus. For the safety of all, we'll also check that you're okay to use hand sanitiser on arrival at the vehicle and we will recommend and expect you to wear a face covering for the duration of your journey. Finally, we'll recommend you travel in the rear seat of our car.


Vehicle Hygiene & Preparation

We’ll ensure that every car despatched is deep cleaned before and after each journey with commercial-grade anti-viral/bacterial disinfectant. We’ll concentrate on key touchpoints like door handles, seat belts and buckles, seat backs and door panels plus other hard surfaces touched by the passenger and driver. Partnered with Maxspray UK to have fleet treated with game-changing electrostatic anti-bacterial/anti-virus infection control every 8 weeks.


Passenger Protection

Passenger numbers will be restricted to two per journey and asked to use the rear seats. We will recommend and expect all passengers to wear a face covering for the duration of their journey and be offered hand sanitiser upon arrival at the vehicle. All shareable items including water, magazines, etc. will have been removed to prevent transmission. Any device chargers or hand sanitiser bottles will have been sanitised and placed in position by an operative wearing gloves.


Driver Protection

All M2 Transfer Company drivers will have been double vaccinated and tested twice weekly using lateral flow testing. A daily health screening questionnaire will have been performed prior to any shifts commencing. Face coverings will be worn at all meet-and-greet locations and for the duration of the journey. They will also use hand sanitiser at arrival to the vehicle.


There is more useful advice about COVID-19 that can be found at: