Terms of Service


  • ‘Service provider’ means MovementsUK Corporation Limited.
  • ‘Client’ means the person(s) or Company to whom this contract is addressed.
  • ‘Car Service’ means chauffeur-driven car service.
  • ‘Personnel’ means any agent engaged by the service provider.
  • ‘Contract’ means the Order Request and the Client’s acceptance of the sale.


The service provider agrees to conduct business upon and subject to these general conditions, which are deemed to be incorporated into all contracts between service provider and the client to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions of the client.  A quotation shall only constitute an invitation to trade.  All orders are subject to acceptance by the service provider.  The client acceptance of delivery of said acknowledgement of orders shall be deemed to include acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale.  Telephone orders must be confirmed in writing by letter, fax or email.  No responsibility will be accepted if this is not done.


The service provider will endeavour to supply all clients with Mercedes-Benz vehicles (for Executive services) or Skoda vehicles (for the Business Taxi services).  Where this is not possible, a substitute v the hicle of corresponding size, seat and luggage capacity will be provided.  The service provider accepts no responsibility for refunds or price reduction where a non-Mercedes-Benz/Skoda vehicle is supplied.  All vehicles will be maintained bodily and mechanically according to the approved Mercedes-Benz/Skoda quality and service standards.  Only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components and technical assistance will be used in all circumstances.


The service provider will provide uniformed chauffeurs trained to the standards and etiquette of professional chauffeuring with a full UK driving licence.  All chauffeurs will be skilled in the art of service provision, be acutely attuned to the needs of his/her clients’ needs and be fully briefed on each assignment they undertake, including routing and destination familiarity.  Chauffeurs provided by the service provider will have been screened by the Criminal Records Bureau for past offences.


Vehicles and personnel engaged by the service provider are subject to the necessary ‘hire & reward’ licensing conditions of the local authority in which they operate.  The service provider complies in full with any and all terms and condition set out by the Charnwood Borough Council licensing authority comprising: an Operator’s Licence permitting the service provider to operate; Driver Licensing confirming that the service providers’ personnel are background checked, topographically skilled and of good health and safety awareness; Vehicle Licensing, comprising two Certificate of Compliance MOT inspections per year, to ensure fleet is 100% maintained bodily and mechanically.


The service providers’ fleet is covered by fully comprehensive vehicle insurance.  In addition, the service provider is covered by passenger indemnity insurance to the value of £20,000,000.


Fleet supplied by the service provider can from time to time fail due to unforeseen circumstances.  The service provider will employ the services of one or more breakdown and recovery agents in addition to the standard Mercedes-Benz roadside recovery already in place.  The service provider will endeavour to provide onward transportation to the client in order to finalise their journey.  This may be in the form of another vehicle operated by the service provider, via another service provider (local to the incident) or via the breakdown assistance service if the client is terminating a journey at their home address.


At the point of booking a car service, the service provider always accepts the booking on the understanding that its fleet and personnel will be discharging the assignment.  Extreme volumes of work, traffic and flight delays and Force Majeure may mean that, from time to time, it may be necessary to sub-contract journeys which cannot be covered directly by the service provider.  Where a sub-contract service is substituted, the service provider will ensure that all vehicle, personnel and licensing particulars of the sub-contractor agent are in place and up to date.


The onus for checking reservations howsoever received - email, voicemail, SMS, website or telephone – rests solely with the travel booker.  The Company accepts no responsibility or cost relating to incorrect information, including amended or cancelled reservations, given which has not been accurately checked by the travel booker.


The service provider will always supply written confirmation of quotation for services booked.  For corporate contract clients, the rates have already been pre-set and reported through the service providers’ service rates documentation.  Service rates provided prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved only.  APEX discounting; out of area surcharges; tariff Z uplifts; non-web booked reservations; vehicle upgrades; waiting time; car parking; congestions charging; toll charges and/or additional services may affect the final price.


Our aim is to retain the best admin staff to deliver high-quality bespoke assistance to passengers planning a journey or with genuine customer service enquiries, between normal UK office hours.  We are available to advise on out-of-area ground transportation, collection sequencing, journey routing and even the best hotels and restaurants in the area you are visiting.  Standard office hours are Monday – Friday 0900 to 1730, excluding Bank & National holidays.  The ability to make a new reservation, to change or cancel a ‘live’ booking (and more) is available online and instantaneously confirmed by email.  Making everything available online is how we keep our pricing competitive.  Admin fees apply for any telephone bookings, amendments or cancellations made either within or outside of normal office hours. 

New bookings, amendments or cancellations made online attract zero fees and are available to you 24/7/365.

Effective January 2017: New Booking/Amend/Cancel attract a £3.50 Booking Fee where not completed online.


The service provider will ensure that its agents are standing in prime position when clients alight the customs hall.  The service provider includes a 60-minute inclusive time from flight landing to meeting its clients into the price quoted, after which waiting time is charged at 5-minute increments.  Each complete 5 minutes is charged at £1.65. 


The service provider includes a free of charge period of 10 minutes. After which waiting time is charged at 5-minute increments. Each complete 5 minutes is charged at £1.65. 


The service provider accepts no liability for costs arising from or contributing to missed flights or appointments caused as a direct result of encountering unforeseen traffic or road obstruction, adverse weather conditions, Force Majeure, vehicle breakdown or discrepancy arising from a scheduling issue, whether that be non-binding departure time advice given by the service providers’ reservations office or from the clients’ office.


The service provider employs multiple controls for ensuring the health and safety of its passengers and personnel.  This is included in recruitment training and in ongoing retraining sessions.  Every effort is made to ensure the safety of all clients and their luggage at all times.


No charges are incurred where a journey is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice.  A 25% charge (of the entire value of the original proposed booking) is made where a journey is cancelled within 24 hours and not shorter than 5 hours notice.  A 50% charge applies where the booking is cancelled inside 5 hours notice.  A full charge is made where a booking is cancelled upon arrival.  Where hotels or chauffeur accommodation has been pre-reserved, all amounts paid by the service provider are chargeable to the client upon cancellation of the assignment, whatever the time frame.

Cancellations/Amendments/New Bookings - MovementsUK accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of customer SMS messages, voice or email which are not received.  One way customer SMS messages, voice or email sent to MovementsUK which is unconfirmed by return message does not constitute confirmation of any amendment, delay or cancellation of a service booked.  Requests for new services booked via SMS message, voice or email are not CONFIRMED until the Company has provided written or verbal confirmation.  Passengers must ensure that a written or verbal response is received by MovementsUK before any amendment, delay, cancellation or new booking is confirmed to avoid any charges.


Invoices will always be dated on the date of service provision, or on the date of the last assignment where multiple itinerary exists.  Terms of payment for account customers are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.  Non account clients will be asked for a credit card against which any final account is charged following completion of the assignment(s).  New or occasion clients will have their account charged before the point of service provision with any balancing amounts charged following completion of the assignment.  Amounts not paid on the due date will be charged at 3% above HSBC Bank Plc’s base lending rate, such interest accrue from day 31 and run after as well as before any Judgement is entered.


The service provider assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items left in any vehicle, any theft or damage to properties of the client or any other person travelling within the client, except where such theft or damage is caused by the direct action of personnel of the service provider.


For safety reasons of providing age and weight appropriate equipment, the service provider will only provide British Standard child safety or booster seats.  Clients may provide and install their own child safety or booster seats.  In all instances, the installation of all child safety or booster seats, and the buckling of the child into the child seat, has to be approved by the travelling client or those responsible for the minor.  The service provider will request a signed declaration from the client confirming that the car seat is installed to the clients’ complete satisfaction and that the service provider accepts no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by the inappropriate of incomplete installation of the equipment.


Following passenger delivery to an airport, it may not always be possible to recall the chauffeur due to onward commitments.  The Company will endeavour to arrange alternative ground transportation on your behalf, via a MovementsUK vehicle or service partner.


Service rates offered are fixed for a given period, usually 12 months dependent on contract type. They are subject to surcharge only when the fuel price to us surpasses 130 pence per litre (ppl) as determined by AA National Average Fuel Price and www.Petrolprices.com.

Fuel costs are currently rising disproportionately and represent a high proportion of our operating costs (about 35% of each journey). Once fuel prices exceed 130ppl we set a new ceiling at 5ppl increments, so the next price band will be 130 - 135ppl. We then charge a surcharge of 3% of the base charge only for each new 5ppl band - to compensate for the additional fuel cost. This will always be detailed on your invoice.

Whilst pump prices are already in excess of 134ppl in many locations, our customers benefit from our own discount arrangements with UK fuel suppliers. Should fuel prices recede, we are always quick to withdraw the fuel surcharge. Fuel Surcharges were last used by MovementsUK more than 4 years ago.