We're almost there!

by Bill Cregeen

We're almost there!

We continue to experience an unexplained spike in booking volumes over recent weeks.

We’re not sure why this is as we haven’t acquired any new accounts. Our customers are just very active right now.

The good news is... in the last week we have engaged four new full-time chauffeurs; three currently going through licensing and training and one starting straight away. We’re not finished yet and are still seeking more people to join our team.
Last week another new Mercedes E220 was added to our fleet and another new Skoda delivery is imminent. Adding vehicles is the easy bit!
Growing the fleet and team to meet customer demand is our Number 1 priority. It’s important we keep the online web booker open all hours.
From time to time we will need to use service partners to fulfil bookings. We’ll always tell you in advance and we’ll make this an absolute last resort.
We’re working as hard as we can to bring 100% of journeys back in house and we look forward to lifting the current web booker restrictions as soon as we can.
Keep up to date via our social media channels below and if you know anyone interested in an executive driving role, we still have full-time, part-time, weekend and occasional positions open here.

Many thanks for your continued custom and support, we really appreciate it.