Do you know how we keep you safe?

by Bill Cregeen

Do you know how we keep you safe?

Our commitment to keeping you safe!

Over the years you'll have heard us say how we are the safest, most reliable airport transfer and executive travel company around! But, do you know HOW we have achieved this and maintained our outstanding performance for so long? I imagine the chances are you don't and I think it's important we share this information with you, so you'll know that whenever you, your colleagues, customers or family travel with us, you can rest assured you really are in the safest of hands.

Intensive Driver Training

 Drivers complete 30 hours of training before undertaking their first live assignment. It’s not only good practice but means they have the appropriate knowledge to meet customer expectations.

In Car Tracking

Vehicles are tracked in real-time with data reporting driver behaviour, rest times and other safety-essential information shared amongst the team. Forward facing cameras add a visual safety element.

Daily Safety Checks

Each driver completes a series of daily safety checks on their vehicle before they carry out any passenger transport. Professional tyre supplier, Tanvic, also complete a weekly tyre inspection providing an added peace-of-mind factor.

Highly Maintained Vehicles

The MovementsUK Fleet Manager ensures on-schedule servicing using main dealer expertise and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Track Record

Given our 35 years of service and some 22 million miles covered, we are proud of our near-perfect accident and breakdown track record. We always leave early and drive within the official speed limits.

Vehicle Safety Reports

These are completed weekly by the driver team … for every car they have driven during the week. Fleet Admin then review these and get on top of any issues that require attention.

Monthly Inspections

Every month the Fleet Manager sees every vehicle for a visual in-depth inspection. Checking the daily safety log, another tyre check and having a chat with the driver managing the vehicle gives him a first-hand account of any issues.

Proactive Vehicle Monitoring

Latest telematics software continues to monitor the operating condition of all vehicles whilst in the field. Systems communicating with the vehicles control unit can determine battery charging levels and can even detect early sensor failure before it happens!