Your safety truly is our priority!

by Bill Cregeen

Your safety truly is our priority!

Our commitment to keeping you safe!

Last week, our driver, Neil Brookes was unfortunate enough to witness an example of some incredibly dangerous driving which was captured by our forward-facing cameras. Click on the video image below to watch the footage!

Following this incident, we felt it was important to share a few key points with you surrounding what we do to keep you safe whilst travelling with us.

  1. The high levels of training we give to our drivers ensures that our passengers arrive at their destination safely EVERY TIME without exception. Notice how Neil has kept a greater distance than perhaps many would from the car in front ensuring that had the vehicle or debris rolled into his path he would have been safely out of harm’s way.

  2. The technology we invest in, which is over and above, ANY OTHER REGIONAL OPERATOR, is there to protect our passengers and drivers.

  3. In close to 35 years of trading, we have a proven track record of safety on the roads! It’s not by chance or luck; it’s down to the extensive training and commitment our whole team has to drive excellence. Not just anyone can be a MovementsUK driver!!

Fortunately, on this occasion, there were no fatalities, and the footage we captured has been sent to Northants Police to assist in their enquiries.

As you will no doubt know from your experience of travelling with us that we take your safety VERY SERIOUSLY and our business is focussed on high levels of safety, training and passenger comfort.

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